Monday, May 30, 2011

The Education of a Backyard BBQer

Along with the launch of the Easy Pickens Food Blog, I am pleased to announce the launch of the Easy Pickens BBQ & More YouTube Channel.

Three years ago, on Memorial Day weekend, I used my Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker (the "Bullet") for the first time. I also had just bought a new camera, with video capability, so I decided to capture the maiden voyage of the bullet on video.

What I learned after posting this video is how utterly clueless I was about how to use this device and cooking ribs in general. Among my mistakes:
  • Using way too much wood
  • Not trimming the ribs properly
  • Filling the water bowl outside the smoker and trying to drop it in the hot smoker (good way to burn your hands)
  • Finishing in the propane grill (totally unnecessary)
  • Not using a rib rack

The video was originally released on the jeffpickens YouTube channel in four parts, as I did not have the software or skills to string the four videos together. Finally, three years on, I was able to string the four parts into one video and add rudimentary titles.

Watch, enjoy, comment, critique, and please subscribe!

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  1. LOL @ you running for more fuel! A WSM is in my very near future...